Video analysis tools: aggregations, mashups and supercuts

Video Super cut

At today’s Occupydata Hackathon the idea of a “VIDEO SUPERCUT” was posed and this seems to really dovetail with the needs of a the Race/Class/Gender/Sexual Orientation subgroup that has been planning a crowdsourced video analysis and mashup project. We are now working on creating a collaborative online editing platform that is also an expanded space of documentation, analysis, and further creative production!

To that end, we researched the following platforms and possibilities:


Our friends at metaLAB(at)Harvard are developing a new multimedia authoring platform, Zeega. It’s in alpha, but will be released soon. It seems to offer most of the functionalities we are interested in! We will have to wait for it, but it’s awesome!


Infocomposer is interesting, but is limited because it can only be used in Mozilla, and does not seem to have much flexibility.

3) We can also determine what functionalities we minimally need and write our own HTML5 code! We would love help with this!

Next steps:

We are going to continue to explore the functionalities of Vimeo and youtube as feeders. We encourage the use of the Occupy Video channel on Vimeo! We also learned that folks @OWS media are interested in aggregation and creating possibilities of online mashup. Let’s work together! We are also investigating Zeega & infocomposer further. To be continued tomorrow!