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  1. Hi there,

    I think it would be a good idea to research the link between #ows and anarchists/anarchism/anarchy to see what relation there is.


    -are occupy youth more likely to identify as anarchists than older folks? is the general occupy population more likely to identify as anarchists than other folks?

    -do people believe there is a fundamental dichotomy between worker rights and the rights of nature? is the health of the economy dependent on the destruction of ecology?

    -do anarchist philosophies of decision making conflict with occupy methods? is consensus building at odds with anarchistic beliefs of the role of government?

    -what is the belief about diversity of tactics and how do they differ between anarchism and occupy? what, if any, is the role of violence and non-violence in the occupy movement?

    -is there a role for anarchists doing above ground and underground organizing? what do these include?

    -is the occupy movement inherently anarchistic or not?

    -if the United States government is to fall, i.e. anarchism wins, what will replace that governing institution? Does the occupy movement have a role to play in creating the new social relations that will have to exist to keep an advanced society functioning?

    -other questions?

    there could also be a place for reflections, where people could describe their thoughts on the connection. Thanks a lot~! I think this would offer valuable insight into the occupy movement. While many people believe that Occupy movement should NOT demand anything from the government, that essentially means that they are bypassing the government. That is to say, there is no need for the United States federal government, and the Occupy movement can do things on its own. This is essentially an anarchist position, not a democratic one (or else there would be an amendment or bill put forth). As such, it would serve everyone well to try to identify the trajectory #ows will be taking. If it is one of anarchy, that can be a particular avenue better served by really understanding the position.

    Just a thought, thanks!

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